A big year for our sister company Masons Self Storage


This year has been a big year for our sister company Masons Self Storage. They are celebrating 25 years since opening one of Wales’s first ever Self Storage facilities. They have also undertaken a major review of their processes and available space to improve their customer experience.

One of Masons Moving Group’s Senior Directors, Gordon Mason, undertook an in-depth analysis looking at what is beneficial to customers and what can be improved for the future. He said “If we are going to make a positive difference and keep moving forward, we need to push the boundaries to meet our customer’s needs, to work smarter, differently and embrace the advances in new digital technology”.

During this extensive project, Masons Self Storage have worked with some of the best suppliers in the local community, wider Wales and in Europe. To achieve the modern and secure, 24/7 facility their expertise was needed to help Masons Self Storage continue to be competitive and innovative within their sector. For them, working with the best companies was important because they wanted partners that we can build and develop a relationship with for life and we’re thrilled with the work we’ve had done so far.

Masons Self Storage wanted a state of the art building to provide a safe space for customers property that was accessible whenever when they needed to access it 24/7, 365 days a year. The brand new facility has been fitted with sophisticated levels of security with the whole facility being alarmed complete with 24 hour CCTV supplied by Cardiff contractors Concept Fire & Security.

To add a greater variety of storage units, Kuboid Ltd, from Wellingborough, were tasked with undertaking the refit and they developed an array of storage units in a range of sizes which are available for flexible time periods.

Lodige Industries built customised turnkey lift solutions to make it even easier for Masons Self Storage customers to move items from their van to their storage unit seamlessly. Customers now can simply slide their belongings into the ESCORTA lift, step in and ride up to their storage room floor. For smoother access, bespoke sliding doors were fitted by Window Solutions Ltd and the automatic gearing by Prosale Ltd, creating a streamlined process from start to finish. In order to make sure our facility was easy to navigate, local firm ABC designs pulled out all the stops to ensure that signage made the customer journey within the centre even easier.

In addition to developing a modern and secure centre which is years ahead of their competition, Masons Self Storage also wanted to modernise how they operated behind the scenes. Radical Technology supplied the new management system providing the flexibility to manage the 200+ storage rooms and on-site mobile options. The software also provides an effective Customer Relationship Management system, helping to improve the way Masons Self Storage communicate with their customers.

Welsh National Assembly Member, Jane Hutt, officially opened the brand new, state of the art, 24/7 storage centre. The new and efficient space is the result of a major investment project that will continue to put Masons Self Storage customers’ needs at the heart of the business as well as bringing more jobs to the Vale.

The new Masons Self Storage centre is now open for customer inspection during normal office hours, so pop in and take a look to see what having additional storage space can do for your family or business ?