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BNI Victory Chapter - local businesses networking

Success through networking

Congratulations to the local Chapter of BNI, who meet weekly here at the Business Centre. Victory Chapter have just recorded a whopping £1.4 million of business passed between members.

Members of BNI (Business Networking International) pictured above, are local businesses who refer business to each other through word of mouth marketing. This is proven to be a successful strategy for businesses looking to increase the amount of business they do or to extend their customer base.

As they meet here at the Business Centre for a catered breakfast, every Wednesday morning, members get to know each others business and build trust in the services they each offer. This then helps them to recommend these services to their friends, family and acquaintances when they identify a need for a plumber, financial advisor or website developer for example.

The BNI networking group only allow one member per profession so businesses who join can lock out the competition. Word of mouth marketing is an established way to build a business, the BNI networking system simply formalises that and helps members build trust and skills through training and development.

As you can see passing over £1.4 million in business between members in the past year demonstrates that the system does work. In Fact the chapter has passed over £5 million since it started in 2009. We are pleased that they find the conference facilities here at The Business Centre are helping them facilitate the achievement of their goals.

If you would like to see whether networking and word of mouth marketing can work for your business, contact the membership secretary at The Victory Chapter

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