Champions of the Entrepreneur

We at the Business Centre naturally encourage entrepreneurship and we champion new businesses. Whether its a business using our virtual office services or a serviced office we are able provide support to help them get established.

Many new businesses use or administration support services and join networking groups active within the centre including BNI Business Network International – Victory Chapter or the Mason Jones Network. Much informal networking also takes place within the cafe as business owners see familiar faces on a daily basis in the Centre. The Business Centre Management also actively encourage networking often making introductions between businesses that can potentially help each other.

We are really pleased to witness the growth of new businesses especially when they receive investment from both home and abroad.

Frank Holmes, partner, Gambit Corporate Finance has recently said

“When Welsh companies are sold to overseas buyers, they don’t take those businesses away. They grow them. That is another source of investment. If we create more solid small and medium sized businesses, particularly medium, there is a great opportunity to bring in additional investment. These buyers come with ready-made markets around the world which enable growth.

We need to encourage entrepreneurial spirit. Employers want to see entrepreneurs on their patch. I’d like to see entrepreneurship pushed through the school system so that it gets into our culture. “


Ken Poole, head of economic development, City of Cardiff Council backed this up by saying

” Inward investors and indigenous businesses need the same sort of infrastructure – skills, people, good accessibility and good communications. We don’t need to distinguish between the two. The creative and digital sector in Cardiff is exciting at the moment. What’s impressive is the number of networks in that sector running themselves, none requiring any subsidy, where businesses and individuals are talking to each other, mentoring each other and creating new businesses and opportunities.”

Located within easy travelling distance to Cardiff, both by road and rail, the Business Centre is in an ideal position to support new businesses or existing businesses wishing to ride the wave of economic growth in Cardiff, but without the city centre overheads.

We are proud to be associated with and located near to Cardiff, The Capital City of Wales. We recognise that the capital city status is an important factor in attracting further investment here and offer a range of services to both new and existing businesses wishing to base themselves here.