Mel’s Café: Where the Magic of Giving Back to Welsh Charities Comes Alive

Charity Fundraising

Mel’s Dedication to Her Craft & Her Community

Growing your business at The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd means being treated every day to irresistible home-cooked meals, delicious desserts, and sensational snacks, all thanks to Melissa Monroe and her amazing team at our beloved in-house food spot, Mel’s Café. Melissa, or Mel as her friends and family call her, is one of the many warm and welcoming faces at The Business Centre. As an avid cook and baker, Mel delights in filling bellies with hearty, homey, and comforting dishes, especially during those busy workdays and famished lunchtime breaks.

Mel’s passion for food is matched only by her love for people. She’s a rare gem who channels her success as the owner of one of the best cafés in Barry into helping communities across Wales through impactful charity fundraising initiatives. 

Leading with Kindness & Care Since Day One

Since Mel’s Café opened on April 18, 2016, she has demonstrated what it means to lead with kindness and care, especially in communities that need help the most. Every year since 2017, she has been deeply involved in planning, organising, and hosting charity fundraising events at her café. However, her spirit of giving back began from day one, in small ways. In 2016, she sold daffodils at her café for the Marie Curie charity to support people living with terminal illnesses.

Raising Funds & Hope Across Wales

Mel’s dedication has resulted in her raising a colossal amount of money for incredible charities all over Wales. Just how impactful has she been in these few short years? Well, despite juggling the responsibilities of a busy small business owner as well as being a devoted mum of one, Mel has managed to raise a jaw-dropping £6,513.90! 

Making an Impact Year by Year

Tracing Mel’s timeline of giving back to charity events Cardiff and beyond shows how much one person can achieve when fuelled by the desire to uplift communities. Here’s a snapshot:


This year marked the true beginning of Mel’s charitable journey. She raised £490.05 for Macmillan Cancer Support and actively worked on the ground, sending donation boxes to Huggard and Paradise and cooking nourishing meals for the homeless.


Just two years as a small business owner, she didn’t waste any time helping those in need. Her café buzzed with activity as she organised and participated in numerous charity fundraising events. She raised £50.00 for The Edward Foundation, a charity dedicated to rescuing at-risk bulldogs. During Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day, she brought festive cheer to her café, raising £166.88 to support vulnerable children. 

Her compassion didn’t stop there. Mel raised £467.50 for the Race for Life 5K Run, £528.57 for Macmillan Cancer Support, and achieved her biggest triumph of the year by raising £1,134.96 for the Welsh Hearts Foundation.

Beyond these phenomenal charity fundraising achievements, Mel’s Café became a beacon of hope for the local homeless once again. She set up collection boxes, encouraging customers to donate generously. For Remembrance Day, she sold poppies, honouring the memory of those who lost their lives as a result of conflict and terrorism.


2019 was another whirlwind year for Mel, overflowing with her continued dedication to charity fundraising events dear to her heart and some new ones too. She raised  £167.90 for the Welsh Hearts Foundation, £562.84 for CLAPA, and £466.22 for Macmillan Cancer Support. 

But Mel’s giving didn’t stop there. Throughout the year, her café served as a collection point for City Hospice, with donation boxes filling up steadily thanks to the kindness of her customers. When Movember came around, Mel was right there, raising awareness and funds for men’s health, even if the exact total slipped her mind in the flurry of activities.

2020 & 2021

During the onset and height of Covid, Mel never stopped in her pursuit of helping others. Even amid the challenges brought by the pandemic, she remained steadfast in her mission to support her community.

In 2020, as the world grappled with uncertainty, Mel focused her efforts on local needs, raising £77.70 for the local food bank. She also continued her annual tradition of supporting Remembrance Day by selling poppies.

In 2021, as the world began to adjust to a new normal, Mel’s commitment to charity remained unwavering. She raised an impressive £520.00 for Macmillan Cancer Support, continuing her long-standing dedication to aiding those battling cancer. 

2022 & 2023

2022 was yet another year where Mel’s dedication to Macmillan Cancer Support shone brightly, as she raised £357.28 to aid those fighting cancer.

In 2023, Mel extended her charitable fundraising efforts to new causes. She embraced Woody’s Lodge, an organisation supporting veterans, raising £470.00 for their vital work. Additionally, she raised £380.00 for breast cancer awareness, showing her commitment to broadening her reach.


In the present year, Mel continues to demonstrate her steadfast support for charitable causes. Recently, she raised an impressive £764.00 for Group 617, another amazing charity helping our Welsh veterans. This charity fundraising effort, along with previous events for Macmillan Cancer Support, was made possible through the annual Barry Bake Off held at Mel’s Café.

The Barry Bake Off has become synonymous with community spirit and generosity. At this beloved event, participants engage in a friendly competition to create the most delectable cakes. Beyond the bake-off excitement, raffle tickets are sold and cakes are eagerly purchased by visitors, all contributing to these important causes.

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Mel’s Café & The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd: Where Community, Connection, & Charity Converge

Only at The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd will you find Barry’s best café, where giving back is at the heart of everything, thanks to our exceptional cook and baker, Mel. Mel’s Café isn’t just a place to unwind and catch up; it’s a hub for connecting with colleagues, the broader business community, and most importantly, for supporting vital charities across Wales.

It truly embodies the spirit of The Business Centre. If you’re looking to join a community where your business can thrive while making a positive impact, contact us today to learn more about our flexible workspaces. Reach out at 0800 634 9920 or via email at [email protected]. We look forward to welcoming you.