What type of offices do we offer?

As mentioned above, we specialise in three types of office spaces, including serviced officesco-working spaces and virtual offices. These offer flexibility, affordability and the ultimate convenience!

  • Serviced offices: These are premium, private spaces that are fully furnished and set up with high-speed broadband connectivity, call answering services, free parking bays, 24/7 security and much more. You can lease an office for a minimum of three months, meaning you’re not bound to a long-term lease like a traditional office. 
  • Co-working spaces: These are shared office spaces in a modern four-desk environment, complete with executive furniture. It is ideal for freelancers or startup businesses looking for an affordable office on a month-to-month basis. Co-working spaces enjoy the same perks as a serviced office, the only difference is you’re not in a private space. This gives you the opportunity to network and build connections with other business owners.
  • Virtual Offices: Our virtual offices are for those businesses looking to create a professional image without an actual office space. For a small monthly fee, you will get a range of benefits, including a prestigious CF postcode business address. 
Posted on: 03rd Jan 2024