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It has been an amazing few years for Alex Mills, Welsh contestant of popular television show, The Apprentice, and Operations Director of insurance company, Dynamo Cover, since we welcomed him and his team to The Business Centre in May 2017. Here at The Business Centre, wellness at work and ensuring that your staff have a good work/life balance is really important to us and we were delighted when we caught up with Alex to see that staff happiness is at the core of Dynamo!

Alex and his team at Dynamo Cover truly understand the benefits of encouraging positive staff wellbeing and striving for wellness at work. Which is why at Dynamo, everyone has their own goals which are written on the wall and are signed by everyone in the team to ensure commitment to those goals! Whilst some aspirations are more materialistic than others, staff are encouraged to think about their personal development, for example getting their driving licenses or enrolling onto management courses in order to start taking the next steps in their career!

Dynamo Cover

What drives Dynamo is development and this is from the bottom up; by encouraging staff progression and development, Dynamo believe they’re also encouraging the growth of their business. Several studies over the past few years has shown that people are happier when they feel like they are progressing, with achievable goals ahead of them and we’re sure this is definitely the case at Dynamo!

Happy staff is obviously helping Dynamo Cover thrive as they initially took on a 4-person office with The Business Centre a year ago with just a single phone and computer but over the past year, Dynamo have employed 7 new members of staff and have moved in to an 8 person office space (and has a phone and computer for everyone!). Plus, they have excellent customer satisfaction reviews as well as excellent staff satisfaction which they’re seeing benefit them with a huge ROI! Their turnover has increased by almost £3million GWP in one year, with big plans for next year to reach £7.5million GWP!

Dynamo run a very dynamic and fun office, they’re the only business here at The Business Centre that has a remote control car AND a wheel of fortune! Of course, it’s not all fun and games, when the ‘Beast from the East’, Storm Emma, struck back in March 2018, the entire Dynamo team were needed in the office due to the nature of their work and so a Landy 4×4 was sent out into the snow to pick up staff and deliver them into work safely. They were the only team in The Business Centre everyday during the storms but working in emergency insurance, they were dedicated to their customers and their needs.

Dynamo Cover

The combination of hard work and recognition in Dynamo’s office attracts talented staff from a variety of backgrounds, from bar staff to health care. For example, Shannon Chamerski use to be a caring co-ordinator, and is now Head of Customer Services, managing her own team!

With so much accomplished in a year, we’re sure Alex and his team at Dynamo Cover are only going to go from strength to strength! As their first anniversary here with us at The Business Centre approaches, we’re sure you’ll join us in congratulating them and wishing them luck for the future as well as signing up for the next go on the remote control car!

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Posted on: 27th Apr 2018