Shared office space for co-working

Co-working and shared office facilities

In business the need and demand for flexible working is increasing with different options available for freelancers, contractors, employers and employees from flexi-time, working from home or working in remote offices.

Shared office space or coworking spaces (as they are commonly known) provide a cost effective equivalent of flexible working but with a solid base and business address for your business identity. They provide a much more stable and secure base than coffee shops for example, so take a closer look at the 5 benefits of co-working at the Business Centre:-

Meet New Businesses

With a shared office facility, there’s the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals of all types of businesses – these individuals will generally also be the business owners! It has proven to work as a small networking group and its a great collaborative working opportunity! If you are looking to avoid business stagnation through too much introspective thinking and isolation you need to talk to us about our shared office space.

Cost Effective Base

A shared office facility, invoiced on a monthly basis, is a cost-effective option for your business providing you the flexibility and choice of whether to use the space everyday or not. Utilising the space just 2-3 times a week is still a cost effective option and provides your business with a solid corporate address.

Same Office Amenities As Full Serviced Office

Paying a monthly rental, provides you and your business with the same office amenities – use of on-site gym, 24/7 access, broadband, furniture and call answering facilities with professional receptionists – not bad for such a small monthly rental!

Flexible Space

The shared office facilities provide excellent value for money. When spending time out and about, marketing your business then using the shared office facility occasionaly – provides you with peace of mind that you’re making the best use of your finaces and keeping your overheads down.

Lifestyle Changer

Working from home can be a hurdle before even starting to get work done, with housework, un-necessary distractions, even working too much can have an effect on productivity. With a shared office facility you have the ability to leave the house for work each day and work just the hours that you need. Our shared office facility allows you to leave work in work at the end of your day. It’s the perfect opportunity to maintain a good work/life balance at a relatively small cost.

If you believe your business or even you as an individual will benefit from a co-working shared office facility with us at The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd, give us a call on 01446 739911 or contact us for further information and prices.