Vale of Glamorgan working mother Danielle Browne takes to nails

At Your Finger tips

Here at The Business Centre, we pride ourselves on having a range of interesting and diverse clients contributing to our supportive business community which is why we’re thrilled to announce that, At Your Finger Tips founded by Danielle Browne is now open for business!

DanielleDanielle began doing nails when she was 16 as a hobby, painting designs and teaching herself nail art and she never expected for it to become her career. However, looking to return to work after having children she found that there wasn’t the flexibility to work around school holidays and the school day.

So like many other inspiring business women we have here in The Business Centre like Mel of Mel’s Cafe and Helen of HRA (Accounting) who were looking to balance their work and family lives, Danielle looked to her existing skill set to create her own business that works for her!

At Your Finger tipsAfter having her third child, Noah, Danielle needed a job that would give her the flexibility for her to balance childcare with her work life but she struggled to find an employer that would give her those benefits straight away. So she decided to get serious about her nail art and get qualified! She took an essential nails course that let her learn from home on friends and family course and passed with flying colours! She is now a a fully qualified nail technician who specialises in Acrylic & Gel overlays.

All of her stunning designs are self taught and you can see some beautiful examples on her Facebook page! Danielle provides a range of nail treatments and pedicures, from acrylic extensions, shellac, manicures, pedicures, to intricate nail designs, she is always trying to give her clients exactly what they want!

Danielle has three children: Ashton, Honey and Noah and is married to Owen. We are thrilled to see this inspiring journey happening with lots of business women who can’t find what they need for whatever reason in the existing workplace so they are starting their own businesses that are thriving which are also providing the freedom and flexibility that they require!

Danielle is also offering a special discounted price for a limited time and you don’t have to be a Business Centre resident to go and see At Your Finger Tips she is open to all customers from around the Vale of Glamorgan.

At Your Finger Tips will be open at The Business Centre 9-6pm two days a week for all of your nail needs! Every Monday & Wednesday, you can pop in and see Danielle to give your nails some love and the boys are as welcome as the girls !

The Business Centre (Cardiff) welcomes At Your Finger Tips!