A warm welcome to Skyhawk Global Ltd

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Here at The Business Centre (Cardiff), we have a diverse range of interesting and unique clients that have made their home in our business community and we wanted to take this opportunity to welcome one of our newest clients, Skyhawk Global Ltd, founded by Andrew East and recently joined by Rudi Ferreira.

Andrew created Skyhawk Global in February 2015 and Rudi Ferreira, has recently joined this exciting venture bringing a wealth of his own expertise to the company. Andrew and Rudi have known each other an amazing 18 years in the Oil & Gas Industry. Skyhawk Global provides specialist International Business Development, Marketing & Consultancy services with a focus on the provision of engineered products, equipment, systems required in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Renewable Energy, Utility & Hydrocarbon Transportation sectors. In particular, Skyhawk specialises in bio-remediation and bio-augmentation.

Rudi has a vast background in Waste management and Hazmat response, having operated his own Hazmat response company for over 12 years, their key client was the Eskom utility company in South Africa. In addition, he created a bio-remediation product together with the University of Free State in South Africa, called ‘HydroEater’ that breaks down complex hydrocarbon chains into lesser forms. 

Andrew is relatively new to the Vale of Glamorgan, having only moved here in April 2016, however he’s already dived straight into the local community, as in his free time he is a volunteer at the Royal National Lifeboat Institute at Barry Island. He has always supported the RNLI and appreciated the hard work but incredible value that voluntary work provides. He has been volunteering with the RNLI Barry team for a year, working with the visitor centre. Rudi is also new to the Vale of Glamorgan, he is originally from Newcastle in South Africa and has also relocated to the Vale to join Andrew in this new venture which brings their wealth of experience together!

Both Rudi and Andrew are incredibly well travelled, Andrew has visit over 75% of the world, whilst Rudi is fluent in 4 languages! By combining their vast expertise and their backgrounds makes them the perfect team to direct their three operating divisions: Bio-remediation, bioaugmentation products and trading & consultancy.

With over 35 years of experience, Andrew and Rudi have been huge contributors to the Oil and Gas industry in their specialist fields. Andrew has especially made huge contributions to the industry in Central & Eastern Europe and has received a large amount of recognition for his vast experience in the field. Whilst Rudi’s background and experience has focused on Hazmat response, Bio-remediation and Waste Management. In fact, Rudi is a qualified Level 7 Hazmat first responder! 

We’re certain that Andrew and Rudi are going to bring a treasure trove of knowledge and opportunity to our business community, specific to their fields of expertise and international experience. We’re sure you’ll join us in giving them a warm welcome to The Business Centre!

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Posted on: 03rd Feb 2018