Ways to Declutter Your Mind and be More Productive

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The world is full of distractions. Did you know that the average person spends about five hours a day looking at screens? And that doesn’t even count all the time we spend on their phones! It’s no wonder that we can often feel overwhelmed and unfocused in our daily lives. 

Luckily, here at The Business Centre (Cardiff), we’re productivity experts, and we have some excellent tips for helping you to get the most out of your workday, including how to access the ‘Flow State’, a type of meditation that’s increasing productivity in those that are practising it! 

What is the Flow State?

The Flow State is a type of meditation that’s increasing productivity in those that are practising it. The flow state has been defined as a feeling of energised focus and creativity and the ultimate way to be productive at work. 

How do you get into the ‘Flow State’?

There are many ways to access the flow state, but one of the best ways is by meditating. Meditation is a form of mindfulness and involves sitting in silence for an extended period and focusing on your breathing or your thoughts. 

Benefits of meditation

  • Meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. 
  • Stress levels tend to decrease with regular meditation, which increases the immune system’s capability of fighting off disease. 
  • Meditation can also help people to be less reactive in their everyday lives and more able to respond with appropriate emotion when necessary. 
  • Studies show that mindfulness benefits people with chronic pain by reducing their emotional response to it. Mindfulness can also help those who suffer from sleep problems.

How to meditate 

Work meditation
  • Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  • Focus on the sound of your breath, or feel it coming in and out through your nose.
  • Once you get distracted (which is natural!), simply return to focusing on your breathing or what’s going on inside your head 

Some people like to use guided meditation sessions for this purpose, but they are not necessary!

Meditation tips for beginners 

  • Allow yourself to be distracted. It’s normal and just means your mind is active enough that you’re having thoughts!
  • Start with short sessions – maybe five minutes or so at first and gradually work up to longer ones 
  • Don’t worry about how well you are doing it, as long as you’re doing it! 
  • Set aside a dedicated space for it (e.g., an office nook) or making time before work, on your lunch break, or at the end of a workday
  • Use an alarm on your phone to remind yourself when it’s time for meditation 
  • Try out different types of meditation – there are many more than just mindfulness 

You can meditate anytime you want. It doesn’t have to be a designated spot in your house or a set time of day.

work meditation

Ways to make meditation easier 

  • You might want to buy a seat cushion if you are using your meditation space at home
  • If the sound of traffic or other distractions is bothering you, use headphones and play white noise 
  • Try an app like Headspace for guided sessions. They’re short, so it’s easy to fit one in when there isn’t time for a long session. Take a look at Headspace’s suggestions of Meditations for Productivity here
  • Make it a habit – if you commit to at least one meditation per day, it becomes easier over time

Do you practice meditation or have any other tips on how to declutter your mind? We’d love to know if there’s anything you think should be added to our list! 

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Posted on: 19th Jul 2021