Welsh Hearts Defibrillator in the Vale

Welsh Hearts Defibrillator

 Welsh Hearts Defibrillator

We care about Welsh Hearts at The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd

Did you know that across the UK there are nearly 200,000 hospital visits each year due to heart attacks? Or that cardiovascular diseases cause more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK? An average of 420 people die every day, or staggeringly: one death every three minutes.

These sobering statistics are why we reached out to Cardiff-based charity, Welsh Hearts, who work towards the prevention and management of heart disease, funding the provision of defibrillators and emergency lifesaving equipment throughout the country. They are responsible for more than 1,200 defibrillators in public and communal spaces in Wales!

Recently, Penarth Town Council installed a defibrillator at West House, which provides 24/7 public access to the defibrillator. These pieces of equipment are literally lifesaving and can be used to help resuscitate someone in cardiac arrest and increases the chances of survival from just 3% to an amazing 47%.

 What can we do to help?

We would like to partner with Welsh Hearts to install a public defibrillator here at The Business Centre (Cardiff) to benefit not only those in our business community, but also those within our wider community.

Studies into defibrillators have revealed that just 3% of patients who go into cardiac arrest outside of a hospital are treated with public access defibrillators. The British Heart Foundation says that this significantly reduces the survival chances of tens of thousands of people every year. At present, if a member of the public found someone whose heart had stopped and dialled 999, they might not be directed to a publicly available defibrillator due to this lack of information being available in one accessible map or list and would therefore lost precious time for the person experiencing cardiovascular difficulties.

A number of bodies are working towards overcoming this huge obstruction to utilising public defibrillators more often, for example the NHS have been working with Microsoft and the British Heart Foundation and have vowed to map the UK’s public defibrillators. In addition to installing defibrillators, Welsh Hearts have also been compiling their own list of where defibrillators are publicly accessible in Wales and a list of public defibrillators here in the Vale was recently published in The Gem.

 As Welsh Hearts are a charity, they require that we raise a minimum donation of £995 to install a defibrillator here at the centre. In addition to installing the defibrillator, Welsh Hearts also provides free ongoing CPR and defibrillator training which is led by an experienced First Responder. They also offer free electro pads as well as ongoing care and maintenance of the defibrillator.

 How can you help?

 To raise money for this serious cause, join us for a family day on 28 September where we will be hosting a Pre-Loved Sale to raise money for Welsh Hearts as well as Barry Bake Off, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support!

 The team at Dynamo Cover have jumped straight in to help and have donated the funds from their World Cup Football Sweepstake from back in July. Plus, the Breakdown Team arevery generously donating their monthly sales commission from August!

 If you have any further suggestions as to how we can raise these funds contact our team or drop us an email at: [email protected]. You can also make a donation online now on our GoFundMe donation page. Otherwise, we can’t wait to see you on 28 September!

Posted on: 05th Sep 2018