The Ripple Effect of Success: How One Cardiff Electrician Built His Dream Business

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Do you ever have those moments when a dream feels out of reach like you’re never going to get there? It can be discouraging, especially with so many obstacles, both around us and within us. But don’t lose hope! Sometimes, all it takes is an inspiring story that shows us what’s possible. That’s why we’re thrilled to share the journey of our newest client at The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd. His story could be just what you need to keep chasing your dreams until they become reality.

Meet Jamie Parry, a respected Cardiff electrician who once had a dream to establish his own company, create more employment, and build a team that could handle all the heavy work—especially since he knew that when he reached his 60s, his knees might be about as reliable as a flickering light bulb. 

Thriving since 1999

As a young man, Jamie always wanted to work for himself. By the time he turned 40, something just clicked and he knew it was time to stop dreaming and start doing. That’s when he decided to take the plunge and create  Assured Electrical Solutions (AES). And would you believe it? This exceptional Cardiff electrician kept his company alive and thriving for 25 years and counting. Yes, he established AES back in 1999 and has not only navigated the economic ups and downs over two decades but also grown his business to such an extent that 2024 has become the year of even more expansion!

Cardiff electricians, you can trust

Before Jamie reveals his secrets to business longevity and growth, here’s an overview of Assured Electrical Solutions and the areas where you can find them. 

AES is your go-to team of friendly, highly qualified electrical contractors who specialise in private homes and commercial premises. They serve Cardiff, Newport, and the Vale of Glamorgan. If you need experts and are searching for Cardiff electricians who know their way around wires and circuits, they’re the ones to call.

AES covers a variety of electrical needs, such as:

  • New build electrical installations
  • Fire alarm installations
  • Electrical testing
  • Security systems
  • House rewiring

Have a look at the full list of services from these Cardiff electrician leaders. 

Building a business on experience & relationships

When Jamie started Assured Electrical Solutions more than two decades ago, he was already armed with a wealth of knowledge in the electrical contracting industry, having started in the trade at the young age of 16. We caught up with him at Mel’s Cafe, The Business Centre’s favourite lunchtime spot, to learn more about his inspiring story.

Jamie began: “Firstly, thank you for the interview. I hope it will inspire other local businesses to never give up on their goals.”

He continued: “Before establishing AES, I gained extensive experience working for prominent companies like the Ministry of Justice, Tesco, Marks and Spencer, and The Home Office. This exposure not only helped me refine my trade skills but also allowed me to build a solid network, connect with potential clients, and create a strong foundation for my business, which helped fuel growth for these 25 years.

“When I finally opened AES in 1999, I already had several loyal clients who trusted my work, and this support was vital during the initial years as I gradually expanded.”

The secret behind Assured Electrical Solutions’ success

The Cardiff electrician credits his early years in the industry with teaching him one of the most important lessons in his career. He believes it’s the reason AES continues to grow.

“I believe the secret to our continued growth is that we always place importance on delighting our customers.

“This is our most prominent goal at AES, and it has always been. If you become a customer of ours, we work on the basis that you can become a customer for life. We have to delight our customers so they will return to us time and time again.”

Jamie’s focus on customer delight drives AES’s vision and mission. It’s not just about providing a service—it’s about creating a lasting relationship with each customer. By making this central, he has built a business where customers not only trust his work but also feel valued, leading them to return and recommend AES to others. This approach continues to be his guiding principle for future growth.

Exciting expansion for AES

Speaking about growth, let’s get into exactly how Assured Electrical Solutions is growing in 2024 and beyond. Jamie gives us the low down:

“This year has been full of exciting changes that are undoubtedly taking the business to new levels of success! Firstly, we expanded our team, bought two more vans, and opened a new office.”

Jamie is particularly enthusiastic about the growth of his team, noting, “I recently hired two new Cardiff electricians with the vision of adding six new employees by the summer. I’ve also hired a Business Development Manager, Sarah Wild, who brings over 25 years of experience to the table.”

Meet Sarah Wild 

Jamie shares more about Sarah, explaining that she has previously worked in high-profile roles, such as the Site Services Manager for a large defence establishment with Amey plc, as well as managing contracts for prestigious clients like the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, the English National Opera House in Covent Garden, and the Bullring in Birmingham.

He adds: “Before joining AES, Sarah owned a business focused on NHS capital planning and led a team of project managers overseeing new builds and refurbishments. She recently relocated to South Wales to be closer to family and joined AES in January this year. Now living in the area, she not only brings her, expertise but also her adorable dog, Rhws, who has taken on the role of the company’s mascot!”

In an email response, Sarah shares her thoughts about the new role: “It’s an exciting time to be joining AES and supporting Jamie in growing the business. It feels like an extended family and we spend time bouncing off new ideas for the growth of the business. As the business expands, we will be implementing new procedures, and ensuring the wellbeing of our team will be one of our main goals.”

Jamie was recently interviewed by News From Wales, where he goes into further detail about his business’s growth. 

“Everything we need”: AES chooses The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd as their main office

Assured Electrical Solutions has its main office at The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd. When we asked Jamie what attracted him to this location and how it helps him run his business, he explained:

“The Business Centre is a great location for our main office. The facilities have everything we need to drive our business with a management team that’s always helpful and an overall positive work environment.

“It provides AES with the resources and support needed to operate efficiently. These factors, combined with its strategic location, make it an ideal place for AES’s main office, helping us stay connected to our clients, grow our business, and remain the trusted Cardiff Electricians.”

Your search for a Cardiff electrician should always lead to AES

Whether you’re searching for ‘electrician Cardiff’ or Cardiff electrician’, make sure you have Assured Electrical Solutions on speed dial. We hope that Jamie’s story inspires you to chase after your dream, and even when it does come true, remember that achieving one dream often opens the door to many more. It’s like a ripple effect—you never know how far those ripples will go. So get ready—this could be the start of an amazing, constantly unfolding journey! Keep pushing forward, stay open to new possibilities, and enjoy the ride.

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