Unleashing the benefits of hybrid working: Overcoming remote challenges through a balanced approach

benefits of hybrid working

Lonely. Demotivated. Distracted. Unbalanced. Isolated. These words encapsulate the work-from-home experience that many deal with daily in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, amid the challenges, there are significant benefits of hybrid working that can address these issues.

The loss of collaborative workspaces

In the UK, around 43.1% of the local workforce had to rapidly adapt to working from home, a massive leap from a mere 4.7% a year earlier. Initially, the new mandatory way of working was widely celebrated for the unparalleled freedom, flexibility, and convenience it offered compared to the monotonous five-day office week. What could be better than avoiding the daily commute and starting your workday from the comfort of your home, clad in your most cosy pyjamas?

But there was a glaring dowside. It meant that communication between team members was now confined to online meetings, and this distanced them from collaborative workspaces that kept them together. 

Expect the unexpected 

The general sentiment at the time was that Covid had forever changed the way we conduct business, and the work-from-home model was expected to become somewhat of a norm. But as we fast forward three years later, post-pandemic, can we still hold the same belief? While Covid did bring about changes, they may not have unfolded exactly as we envisioned.

Remote work: A necessary inconvenience

Remote work, though initially enticing, proved to have its drawbacks, and achieving an ideal work-life balance became a daunting task for many. Nevertheless, it has become a necessary inconvenience that shines a spotlight on the hard-to-ignore benefits of hybrid working.

Benefits of hybrid working: The best of both worlds

The hybrid model emphasises flexibility, allowing individuals to experience a blend of in-office and remote environments. It offers the best of both worlds, freeing workers from the isolation of working solely from home while also granting them the liberty to avoid being confined to an office from Monday to Friday.

Navigating work-from-home challenges: Insights from our business residents

To better understand the challenges of working from home, we spoke with our business residents who experienced transforming their bedrooms, study rooms, and even kitchens into makeshift offices during the pandemic. These are the biggest challenges they faced:

  • Difficulty disconnecting at the end of the workday.
  • Challenges maintaining a clear separation between home and work life.
  • Feeling disconnected from colleagues due to limited collaboration and communication opportunities.
  • Experiencing loneliness from the lack of social interaction.
  • Struggling to stay motivated and focused on work.
  • Dealing with distractions at home, which impacted productivity.

Of course, they also reported some benefits, including the flexibility it offered and the elimination of a daily commute to the workplace.

Success story: Our business resident, Robin Johns

One of our newest business residents, Robin Johns, built a shed in his garden as his office when the first lockdown hit. It was an attempt to separate his home and work life. But he was missing that human connection and he also yearned for a professional, creative space to accommodate his new career. For the full story, read our blog on Robin Johns and how he uses our serviced offices as the ultimate hybrid workspace. 

A shift in workforce preferences & future trends

With the workforce now having experienced both office-based and remote work, there is a growing desire for the best of both worlds. Recent statistics reveal that in the UK, 70% of employees are happy with the hybrid approach. Furthermore, a study from 2021 showed an overwhelming 85% of individuals working from home expressed their interest in adopting the hybrid work model going forward.

The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd: Magnifying the benefits of a hybrid work model

At The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd, we’ve been at the forefront of these evolving work trends. Our comprehensive range of services, diverse office options, inviting breakout spaces, and bonus amenities are all meticulously designed to magnify the benefits of hybrid working, empowering you to conduct business on your terms. We achieve this in the following ways:

Our fully-furnished, serviced offices are perfect for a growing team looking for a balance between quiet and collaborative spaces. 

Our shared offices are great for promoting teamwork and sharing ideas. This is a four-desk setup that’s perfect for freelancers or a small team. 

Both our serviced and co-working offices can be used as your permanent business address or a hybrid one. They come with affordable short-term leases that can be cancelled or extended at any time. 

Our dynamic spaces cater to all your needs and wants

There are so many more ways that we break the isolation of working from home, smash the rigidity of a five-day office week, and spark communication, collaboration, and creativity. Say hello to our:

  • Newly renovated meeting room: This is your private space to host board meetings, conferences, networking events, and training courses.
  • Stylish breakout areas: Looking to refuel your energy away from your desk in silence or socialise with others? Use this space to unwind the way you want. 
  • Lunchtime breaks at Mel’s Café: Catchup with team members over decadent desserts, mouth-watering meals, and your favourite cuppa.
  • Free 24/7 Gym: Nothing re-energises the mind and body quite like a refreshing workout. Enjoy our fully-equipped gym with shower facilities at any time you wish. 

Empowering Cardiff’s creative professionals

At The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd, making possible the benefits of a hybrid work model is essential to our ethos since it’s the way forward for modern businesses. From small and medium businesses to freelancers and startups – they all need spaces that promote teamwork, respect privacy, nurture communication, ignite collaboration, and inspire innovative ideas. 

Enjoy all the benefits of a hybrid work model at The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd, and get unprecedented freedom to work the way you want.  Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more. 

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