Continuing a legacy: HJ Accountancy Services upholds a lasting commitment at The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd

continuing a legacy

The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd caters to clients from diverse backgrounds and industries. Some clients stay with us for extended periods, while others may temporarily leave only to return after a few months or even years. Among the clients who recently came back is the distinguished accountancy firm, HJ Accountancy Services. Its founder, Howard James, lost his life to Covid in 2020, but his spirit lives on through his wife, son, and team, who are continuing a legacy and keeping Howard’s memory alive. 

An enduring impact

During a conversation with Paula Harvey, the Practice Manager of the business, she shared a moving account of how Howard’s family came together in the face of profound pain and loss. Their story showcases the power of community, unwavering determination, and the enduring impact of one person’s extraordinary spirit, even beyond death. 

Professional relationships nurtured into genuine friendships

“Howard established HJ Accountancy Services several years ago, cultivating not just professional relationships but also genuine friendships with his clients. His outstanding reputation in the industry earned him immense respect from both his team and clients alike. Today, he is greatly missed by all those who knew him,” expressed Paula. 

Continuing the legacy: Honouring Howard’s vision & values

Paula lit up when describing Howard’s personality and her adoration for him was truly heartwarming to see. 

“Howard was known for his welcoming demeanour, always ready with an open door and a warm cup of coffee for anyone who dropped by. He passionately built this business from the ground up , and now we’re entrusted with the responsibility of continuing a legacy. Everyday, we strive to honour his vision and uphold the values he led by.”

Great strength in great loss 

Howard sadly passed away in April 2020 at the height of the Covid pandemic. 

Paula said he had not been in the best of health for many years due to an underlying health condition that left him unable to fight the virus. 

“It was a terrible time for everyone and we were unsure if the business could survive. But we made the collective decision to honour Howard’s memory by carrying on, and our achievement in doing so was largely thanks to the unwavering loyalty of his clients. 

We were also fortunate that Howard’s accountant colleagues stepped forward, offering their assistance wherever possible. We outsourced some of the work to them, which proved to take a huge weight off our shoulders at the time.”

Small team deliver big commitments

If Howard was to see HJ Accountancy Services today, he would be proud. At the helm is wife, Daryl, and his son, Nick, who run the family business, specialising in yearly tax returns, accounts, capital gains returns, vat returns, bookkeeping and tax advice.

“My primary responsibility revolves around client management and promptly addressing emails, while Daryl and Nick play integral roles in ensuring smooth operations. Despite being a small team, we consistently deliver on big commitments. What sets us apart is our dedication to providing a personal and approachable experience, making each of our clients feel at home and comfortable.”

Family business success stories

HJ Accountancy Services is one of the many family business success stories in Wales, and at The Business Centre, we’re so glad to know the amazing people behind it, including Howard, who we built a close friendship with throughout the years. 

Coming back to The Business Centre

For several years, HJ Accountancy Services operated from our flexi offices, but they left in 2019 for an office space over Atlantic Point. They returned to The Business Centre in March 2023 when the landlord decided to sell the property. 

“We love being back. It’s been great! There are many friendly faces here and I love taking a break at Mel’s Cafe for a cuppa and a chat, although I can’t resist Mel’s fantastic food! 

“We’ve also all been using the gym daily. It feels incredible to maintain a healthy lifestyle even with our busy schedules. 

Additionally, Paula appreciates the flexibility of working at The Business Centre brings as she can easily work from home at any time. But the best part of her job is meeting and greeting their clients in the office.

Reconnecting with our work family

Paula added that she loves having a big ‘work family’ again and it simply feels right being here. What’s more, many of our business tenants remember Howard, so having a support system and people who relate to the loss has been much-needed for them.

Healing through a common vision

Although Howard is greatly missed, Paula expressed that working as a team to keep his vision alive has helped them all heal. She added that it’s been an honour seeing and helping Daryl and Nick carry on continuing a legacy. 

“I’ve no doubt Nick will make his father proud whatever he decides to do.”

A commitment to honour Howard’s memory 

HJ Accountancy Services serves as a shining example of the resilience and strength that emerge when a family unites. Their unwavering determination to persevere in the name of their beloved husband, father, and colleague, who wholeheartedly nurtured the business and its clients. Though Howard is no longer here to personally oversee its operations, their commitment to honour his memory propels them forward, ensuring the continued care and dedication of the company and its valued clients

The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd

We love being a part of small business success stories like that of HJ Accountancy Services. Witnessing their remarkable progress, seeing them soar to new heights, and assisting them in their journey has been an absolute honour. 

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