Don’t Miss That All Important First Call!

Answering that call is important, we can do it when you are busy

59% of businesses have missed a call from a customer who doesn’t call back equating to an average loss of £1230 worth of business

Source: BT Business

It can be difficult to swallow when we lose out on new business to a general competitor, never mind losing business, money and building that relationship if you didn’t originally answer the phone to a new prospective client.

At The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd, we understand how important answering these calls in a professional, friendly and efficient manor can be to your business!

We are providing a great offer for new business address and call answering clients which is proved to help increase your sales, help you grow as a business and develop your business credibility & image.

Don’t take my word alone for it, here’s a quick review from one of our clients for our call answering facilities:-

Just a brief line to thank you & all the staff who handle our calls, the business world out there is really competitive, & we have to keep the edge at all. Our sales budget in generating the calls you handle for us is staggering & grows annually, you don’t want to know how much each call you receive costs us and fortunately as this budget grows so does our turnover. You & all your staff handle these costly incoming sales calls just perfectly & professionally, with all staff knowing our requirements.

You’ve been a perfect extension of our operation, & we couldn’t have grown without you
Paul & Anthony Alcock
Eco-Sol Ltd

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