Freelancer or Start-up: there‘s never been a better time to give it a go.

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Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? In this technological age, the internet has changed the world, from how we organise our weekly food shop to the face of entrepreneurship, leading to the growth of a new sector of start ups: e-entrepreneurs. All this means there’s never been a better time to make the jump into the world of SME’s or taking control of your own career as a freelancer. The internet has revolutionised the way we consume, with e-commerce expected to represent almost a fifth of total revenue of sales by 2019, meaning that if you‘re sitting in your current office job feeling lost then there’s never been a better time to get your idea in motion.

The traditional workspace of an environment with your whole team permanently sat behind you is no longer the only option out there. The rise of e-entrepreneurs and e-commerce start up companies, has brought with it the rise of a brand new virtual space online, offering flexible working environments, a whole army of freelancers able to offer cost effective assistance to your company, wherever you are in the world, and easier ways of finding them with platforms such as Peopleperhour. This flexible work mentality opens up the workspace to a wider demographic and to people with a wide range of skills.

The rise of virtual office space, where you can take advantage of the benefits and perks of a traditional work space such as a prestigious address, your calls directed and your post organised all by a virtual receptionist, has been pretty phenomenal and companies like The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd have seen increases of 50% and more in requests for a virtual office facility in the last 24 months alone. Virtual offices are cost effective and a great approach if you‘re looking for a flexible working environment without being tied into anything long term. So if you‘re looking to launch a brand new life as a travel blogger, you can travel the world safe in the knowledge that your company maintains a professional image whilst you take your work around the world with you.

With the internet changing the world of start ups, you no longer have the choice between your local cafe or trying to be productive at home, it has brought a whole host of creativity and flexibility to our offline spaces and changing the face of the workplace.

Companies like Ziferblat offers a modern approach to working remotely, offering pay-by-the-minute work spaces with all inclusive drinks, snacks and Wi-Fi. Whereas Second Home, currently preparing to open their second London location, offer a group of 25 creative and innovative start ups the opportunity to work in their modern workspace offering a free bar and plenty of opportunity to socialise and network with liked-minded entrepreneurs and creatives. This growth isn’t just London focused, in Wales you can choose from any type of environment whether that be a start up incubation centre to serviced offices who offer very flexible, short and longterm contracts, there is something for everyone in today’s flexible working world.

So, starting your own company or re-training for a new career has never been more accessible. At the forefront of flexible work environments is Google, offering tech courses and a work environment that is more family and personal life friendly. The Google Campus Creche offers working parents the opportunity to bring their children with them whilst they take part in these courses, encouraging a wider diversity of people starting their own start ups and diving into the world of entrepreneurs.

With the past decade revolutionising the way we work and what we need from our working environment, who knows what the next 10, 20 or even 50 years could bring. Could we see a move towards more flexible working forever and a new ‘Gig’ economy? There‘s no doubt that the traditional work space is still thriving with office blocks dominating every skyline, however it has long since become the only option, the internet has brought flexibility and the opportunity to connect with your team across the world, cutting out the need to be tied to one desk for a set amount of hours each week!

There’s never been a better time to launch your own business, with flexible work environments becoming the norm and approaches to re-training being more flexible than ever, the world of entrepreneurship and e-entrepreneurs is ahead of the world in terms of diversity in the workplace. If you’re wondering what the best age to start your own business is, find out more here. So what are you waiting for?