Virtual Meeting Tips: How to Appear Confident & Which Video Conferencing Platforms to Use

Virtual Meeting Tips

Virtual meetings have become an incredibly popular way to communicate and get work done since the pandemic rocked our world and it seems that working from home will stay with us in some shape or form, for at least the foreseeable future.

Despite all of the practise we’ve had, many people are still not sure how to make the most out of their virtual meetings or how to get themselves off mute! There are some video conferencing pros’ here at The Business Centre (Cardiff), so we asked around the centre for everyone’s top tips for getting the most out of virtual meetings and how to appear more confident in your virtual meeting. Read on to find out more and make your next virtual meeting your best one yet! 

Top tips for appearing confident in your virtual meeting


Look at the person you’re talking to, even over video conferencing. It’s essential for them to feel like you’re looking into their eyes and listening carefully!

Speak loudly and clearly so that people can hear what you say. 

Use headphones with a microphone for the best sound if possible; this will help eliminate any echo effects caused by sound bouncing around the room! This will also mean both hands are free for typing or taking notes with pen/pencil.

Keep good posture 

Sit up straight & don’t slump forward, as this makes you appear tired or bored when speaking over video conferencing platforms. 

Our favourite video conferencing platforms to use

There literally are hundreds of platforms emerging but our favourites are listed here:



Zoom is a popular option for video conferencing; it’s seen a massive boom since the pandemic turned the world upside down in March 2020.  Not only is it a video conferencing software, you can record your sessions (with a membership), and you can also use it as an audio-only program. It’s free to use, with tiered memberships, and you can invite up to 300 participants at once. 


Google Meet

If you’re a Google user, then Google Meet could be a winner for you! It offers text, voice chat, screen sharing, and team scheduling that integrates with Gmail and your calendar. 

microsoft team

Microsoft Teams

Teams by Microsoft is primarily used for chatting but also offers webinars and online meetings too. 

Ways to ensure a smooth virtual meeting experience 

virtual meeting tips
  • Make sure that your computer has enough memory and processing power to handle an internet connection + video chat simultaneously. This is especially important if you are not using a headset or speakerphone with high-quality sound 
  • Invest in good speakers or a headset – just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean you should get poor quality audio! 
  • If possible, use Google Drive for saving documents during the meeting so people can have access to them afterwards without having to download anything separately from what was shared on Zoom/Google Meet etc. It’ll also make it easier for you all to work together collaboratively 

It’s common for people who start working remotely or attending meetings virtually to feel a bit nervous about how they’ll come across, but as they settle in, these nerves will settle!

Questions you should ask before the meeting starts 

To ensure your virtual meeting goes as smoothly as possible, here’s some troubleshooting tips: 

  • Are there any background noises that are making it difficult to hear the person on video chat? Is their mic picking up their keyboard, mouse clicks etc. and distorting what they say? 
  • What is everyone’s internet connection speed like (is it good enough for a meeting)? 
  • Does anyone need any accommodations or special equipment before you start, such as headsets etc.?

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Posted on: 28th Oct 2021