Sarah Daltrey

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An insight into our Receptionist , Sarah

Tell us a little about your job? Who do you work with, what does your job involve?

I work in the afternoons with Lynne. I answer incoming calls and transfer them to the relevant serviced office space or co-working clients, or I take messages and e-mail the virtual office clients.

In addition to assisting with the smooth running of the reception, I greet all of our clients and their customers; I ensure that everyone is met with a friendly face as they enter The Business Centre

What does a standard day look like for you?

I don’t have a particular standard day! However, I have the advantage of working afternoons at The Business Centre, which gives me the luxury of using mornings to meet up with family and friends for breakfast or an early lunch. Plus, it also enables me to give my dogs a lovely long walk. If I have some time between socialising and spending time with my dogs, I ‘may’ do some housework!

What brought you to The Business Centre?

When I had my two boys, I decided to step back and focus solely on raising my two boys. However, they are now old enough to fend for themselves and feeling a bit ‘surplus to requirements’, I thought maybe I’d try and find an interesting job which gave me some interaction with people. The Business Centre job description looked perfect to me, plus with the benefit of only working afternoons, it still gave me time to spend with my family and my dogs

What's your favourite thing about working at The Business Centre?

It’s definitely meeting all of the different people. I love working alongside my colleagues who I get only really well with, plus interacting with our clients is so interesting and varied

How do you unwind and relax outside of work?

I really enjoy socialising – I love catching up with family and friends, walking down the beach with my dogs and spending time with my two boys.

If you weren't at The Business Centre what would your dream job be?

If I won the lottery, my dream would be to open a rescue centre or buy a really big house so that I could help as many unwanted and stray dogs as possible.

For anyone wanting to become a receptionist what advice would you give them?

Be yourself, be confident and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you’re always polite and courteous, plus most importantly: be as helpful as possible!

Posted on: 19th Nov 2018